NWI Nephrology Welcomes Dr. Gaurav Agarwal to the Team

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NWI Nephrology Welcomes Dr. Gaurav Agarwal to the Team

Written by: Andrew Rowe Jul. 6th, 2016

Northwest Indiana Nephrology is devoted to the highest quality study and care of the kidneys, and the major organs functions, diseases and treatments. Recently joining the NWI Nephrology team is Gaurav Agarwal.

Agarwal grew up in Dehli, India where he attended medical school before migrating to the United States in 2008.

In the U.S., Agarwal did his first residency at Cook County Hospital, which is one of the oldest hospitals in the country. After that, he did his fellowship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Nephrology.

Following this fellowship in Wisconsin, Agarwal worked as an internist for three years at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago until he recently joined the private practice at NWI Nephrology.

When speaking about what got him interested in nephrology, Agarwal said, “I always liked the continuity of care. You are seeing a patient and you are solving whatever they have going on. Initially they have some sort of CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease), you know, their kidney function is down. You are following up with them and preparing them for a renal replacement therapy, either a transplant or dialysis.”

This in-depth involvement is what attracted, and has been most rewarding, to Agarwal who works to guide his patients through treatment, dialysis and transplant.

“This is about as much continuity as you can have,” Agarwal said. “You pretty much follow them all-around. That’s what I like the most -- the very strong relationship that you have with your patient. What happens is that these patients’ kidney doctor becomes their primary doctor because it’s too much for their primary care doctor to deal with.”

In getting into the field of nephrology, Agarwal found that practicing medicine in Indiana had several benefits compared to practicing in other nearby states.

“Getting into nephrology means that, any day, Indiana is a better place to practice in terms of personally and medically. Medicare and medicaid is good so it’s a good place to practice. It’s not too competitive or aggressive compared to Chicago where there is a lot of that going on. It’s kind of laid back and it’s a good place to build your practice.”

In speaking about his first impression of the Region, Agarwal said, “I love it! You know, it’s the people mostly. I was so impressed with the people at St. Mary’s when I came here. So courteous and so helpful.”

Agarwal has relocated with his family to Munster where he is excited about taking advantage of all that the area has to offer.

“It’s a good place to raise a family and there are good schools here. I’ve heard that there are good schools here in Munster and it’s just a nice place. You are not away from the big city so you can go there anytime, any weekend. I know a lot of people who travel to Chicago so it’s a pretty good mix.”

There was a sense that this relocation to Indiana was meant to be for Agarwal as he made his first trip to the state. He was travelling down the interstate and the first billboard he saw in Indiana read, “Work here. Live here. We have a Triple A Bond Rating.”

“It’s a little funny,” Agarwal said with a laugh. “When I was driving on the Skyway the first time it was the first billboard as you enter the State of Indiana. It made perfect sense.”

Agarwal also spoke about some of the things that attracted him to NWI Nephrology and Dr. Pampalone’s team.

“When I interviewed, the unique thing I noticed is that they are so connected to each other. They are like a big family basically. We went to dinner and the way they were interacting with each other I really liked that. The group is a little younger too and I really liked that. I felt like when I’m coming to this group everyone is in the same boat. Everyone really understands each other and that really drew me here.to work with this group.”

Agarwal’s wife is also a physician, a pediatric hematology/oncologist, who works as a child cancer specialist at Rush University Medical Center. Together, they have two boys, ages one and five.

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